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Yoshi's Nose is Disgusting

Source by CrystallosX

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This post will go over how Yoshi's nose is an affront to evolution and nature.

To be completely honest and open about the topic at hand, I have the firm belief in my mind that Yoshi's nose is extraordinarily massive and bloated, and even worse, for no reason whatsoever. It is absolutely bonkers how large this accessory is. It would lead some to believe that this size would lend to the nose being noted as a limb (as opposed to normal noses not being labelled as such). The following paragraphs will go over how Yoshi's nose is a cancerous neoplasm, rather than a rightful body part.

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An absolutely guaranteed side effect of such a large proboscis is weight distribution. To elaborate and explain, Yoshi's nose presents the issue of balance to his everyday life. Balance is crucial to an organism's biology, whether we are talking in terms of bodily resources or even more importantly (in this context) the distribution of weight and control of the center of gravity in an object. Yoshi's prow is a gigantic object that is very likely to harbor an equally gigantic amount of mass (flesh and bone). Some may erroneously argue that his other body parts offer a counterweight. I will put these idiotic thoughts to rest in the next few sentences. It is of course important to analyze the placement and proportions of Yoshi's extremities. Normally, the tail is an extremity dedicated to regulating balance. In Yoshi's case, his tail is pointless. His tail absolutely lacks the necessary mass to counter the weight of Yoshi's nose. The 2nd largest part of Yoshi's body (not counting the head) is his rear. This is another component of Yoshi that could be fallaciously accused of being a weight countering the effects of Yoshi's stupid big nose. This is due to the fact that Yoshi's posterior is not placed in an "opposite enough" position to counter Yoshi's big nose. My provided points show that even when you consider his other body parts, Yoshi's gargantuan nose is an everlasting building code violation.

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I will however, attempt to quell the amount of hate I will get for hating on Yoshi's tumor (that you call a nose) and acknowledge 1 use of Yoshi's nose, and that is as a melee weapon with devastating crushing capabilities. This comes most notably in the form of Yoshi's Forward aerial, where he uses his nose's mass as a kind of "hammer," smashing his target downward at spectacular speeds. However, this is shown to be a very niche use of Yoshi's snout. To elaborate, this means that Yoshi's nose was shown to be useful in not two or three, but one scenario. This constitutes that Yoshi's nose is still overall a waste of flesh.

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These arguments show that Yoshi's nose is more of a daily obstruction than a helpful tool (in contrast to say, a wolf's nose). This lack of utility can most probably further analyzed (for example, Yoshi's odd gait, or his perpetual bouncing while he is idle so he does not face plant into the surface his standing on or even better off of a fucking cliff fuck you Yoshi) so I could further ridicule his nose, but I have done enough.

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In conclusion, the fact that this "meatball" is so useless combined with the fact that it is invasively enormous is completely illogical. In further conclusion, Yoshi's trunk should be donated to the authorities so we can determine whether or not to nuke nature for it's incredibly "unintelligent design."

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