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Helpful websites

A list of websites that help you use the internet in a more interesting way.

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Guitar playing

Justin has great free beginner tutorials for guitar playing
For acquiring guitar tabs/chord sheets
A website with almost all Bob Dylan songs tabbed out
Another website for chords/tabs for guitar playing


Create plain text of website article
URL shortener
Check if accounts of yours were part of a dataleak
The Public 3D Asset Library
Food recipes with just the ingredients and steps to follow
Translation website alternative to Google Translate
For plotting graphs
To unlock paid articles and receive an easy to share url.

File sharing (is caring)

You will find the world’s great literature here, with focus on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired (entering public domain).
Collection of Dutch literature. For example, works that entered public domain can be read freely.
A website with free books and articles
Archives a lot of webpages and nowadays also a lot of other files
A pretty big file archive
Research/knowledge should be public domain
Like sci-hub for finding articles
Search engine of shadow libraries.
Big video game archive.


The best public tracker for high quality films
Good general torrent tracker
A lot of torrents, but Russian
Torrents for weeb trash


Good Usenet provider located in The Netherlands
General Usenet provider with large retention
Good NZB indexer, but needs free (or paid) account to use
Good NZB indexer, but needs free (or paid) account to use
Free NZB indexer
Free NZB indexer